Persistence Wins In Business Development

July 8, 2010

Business Development Is the Lifeblood of Most Companies

Everybody wants to grow their business.

What’s the difference between those that see success in their business development initiatives, and those that don’t? Persistence.

It’s not about the great idea, there are tons of them.

It’s not about closing the sale at the first meeting, there are tons of opportunities out there.

It is all about persistence. If you aren’t keeping a steady focus on moving towards your goal of growing your business, you are sure to get caught up in all of the “other things” that come up along the way.


Marketing Strategies

April 12, 2010

Building an effective marketing strategy is crucial

With so many different ways to market your brand it is becoming increasingly important to understand your options and draw up a plan. Since not all brands are created equal, not every avenue is going to make sense for your business. Let’s take a look at one of the most popular avenues to market your brand…Search Engine Marketing .

Search Engine Marketing Strategies

Before venturing into your first Search Engine Marketing campaign, you’ll first want to set some goals. If your goal is to see immediate results, you should look into Pay Per Click Marketing. Marketing your brand with a pay per click campaign will get you traffic very quickly, and a whole lot of it. Keep in mind that this isn’t always cost effective, and the cost of pay per click advertising is increasing year over year.

If you are looking for a more effective long term strategy, you will want to explore Search Engine Optimization. It can take 6 months to a year to get any serious traffic from search engines, however the only cost involved is your time spent researching / coding / optimizing.

Please stay tuned for more tips on building a marketing strategy.

Seth Godin’s new book Linchpin

February 2, 2010

Seth Godin is a visionary, critical thinker, and brilliant man.

His most recent book Linchpin just launched last week. He discusses his book & other relevant musings in this video interview.

Generation Lead

January 20, 2010

A solid lead generation strategy is a must have for any business.

Lead Generation strategies are important

If you want to generate more leads from your existing webpage there are millions of potential levers you can pull to increase lead flow. While a lead is a lead, it is always important to generate a quality lead.

Time and time again marketers are seeing huge gains by re-working their webpages to ensure their value proposition is concise. Want better leads? Make your landing pages more concise. Visitors don’t have time to figure out what you are offering.

Feel free to browse our other tips on lead generation in a segment we call “Lead Generation 101”.

Local Search Continues To Thrive

October 23, 2009

Local searchers are the ones that buy. Or at the very least call.

Local Search

Geo-targetting your campaigns continues to prove itself as a great idea! Dare I say an absolutely imperative idea that is key to the success of your campaigns!

What does a customer do after they search and find you? The number 1 post-search activity is a phone call.

An astonishing 37% of people who conducted an online local business search in 2009 visited the businesses retail location, according to TMP Directional Marketing and comScore.

Barnes and Noble’s Nook

October 23, 2009

Book retailer Barnes & Noble launches the Nook.

With a sleek design, and an additional color screen, the Nook steps up to the plate to compete with Amazon’s Kindle this holiday season.

After a successful launch of a Barnes & Noble e-bookstore last summer, the stage was poised to launch their first e-reader. The Nook is scheduled to ship to customers late November.

Learn more about the Barnes & Noble Nook.

Barnes and Noble E-reader “Nook” has significantly increased their web traffic this month! There could be a colorful future ahead for the Nook!

barnes and noble nook barnes and noble nook

Celebrities In Advertising

August 5, 2009

Do Celebrity Appearances Help Sell Products?

LinkedIn recently polled their members to find out if showcasing a celebrity in your ads will help sell products.

The majority of the responses gathered stated a celebrity appearance makes no difference as to whether or not they will buy the product. However, of the people surveyed, the presence of a celebrity had the most impact on the 18-24 age range.

While survey results don’t show this, I would venture to assume that a well known celebrity can help move people further down the sales funnel. By showing a face that consumers know and trust, their brand appears credible.

View the Poll Here

What do you think? Does having a celebrity in an advertising campaign help sell products?