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January 20, 2010

A solid lead generation strategy is a must have for any business.

Lead Generation strategies are important

If you want to generate more leads from your existing webpage there are millions of potential levers you can pull to increase lead flow. While a lead is a lead, it is always important to generate a quality lead.

Time and time again marketers are seeing huge gains by re-working their webpages to ensure their value proposition is concise. Want better leads? Make your landing pages more concise. Visitors don’t have time to figure out what you are offering.

Feel free to browse our other tips on lead generation in a segment we call “Lead Generation 101”.


Geotargeting Your Campaigns

July 21, 2009

Dialing your advertising spend down can improve your campaigns immensely.

Geotargeting Ad CampaignsWith the ability to Geotarget ads across the major platforms (Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc.) marketers have the ability to take a microscope to every region of their campaign. Instead of blanketing the entire country or globe with the same cookie cutter banner or ad copy, we can (and should) create ads that speak to the region(s) they are being displayed in.

Not only will Geotargeting lend to a high Click Through Rate on some ads, but inevitably a higher conversion rate as well.

Build Your Twitter Audience

July 19, 2009

Marketing With Twitter Takes Strategy, and Time.

There is a lot to be said for having a Twitter following that is engaged in your message. Sure you can search through Twitter and add people at random, but will they actually read your Tweets, or Click Through to your pages?

A great way to grow your Twitter following organically is to strategically add people in your industry.

Twitter Marketing

Make Sure You Are Effectively Promoting Your Twitter Page.

You’ll want to make it as easy for everyone as you can. Place a link to your Twitter page above the fold, and as close to the top of your page as possible.

Twitter Counter is a tool that will display a count of your total Twitter followers. If you are fortunate enough to have a decent amount of followers already, it will build your credibility and persuade others to follow you.

Marketing Twitter Page

3 Twitter Marketing Tips

July 18, 2009

Social Media Marketing is an important part of a modern marketing strategy.

Twitter Social NetworkTwitter is more than just the social network of the now. It is a proven way to market your business. Here are three tips on getting started with your Twitter marketing campaign(s).

1. Industry Relevant Twitter Username– If you are in the cellphone industry, an effective Twitter username could be CellPhoneTips, or Phones4Less.

2. Reliable URL Shortening & Click Tracking– The best way to improve your Twitter marketing campaign is to begin testing. See what kind of Tweets get the most attention by tracking every Click Through.

3. Join Your Industry makes it easier than ever to see what is happening in your industry. Adding helpful, relevant, or interesting information will establish you as an expert in the space.

Build Your Twitter Audience – Proven Tips To Grow Your Base of Twitter Followers

Business Consulting in 2009

July 16, 2009

Business consulting has taken a shift in today’s world.

Business ConsultingEvery business needs a unique solution in order to grow and flourish in the fast paced marketplace we find ourselves in. What does your business need to succeed, or take the next step in your market?

Is it an increase in your online revenue? A new sales strategy, or slick marketing plan?

Search Engine Optimization didn’t cross most CEO’s minds before 1995.

A marketing plan for search engines & social media never used to be an equation in business. Search marketing is now fast becoming less of a competitive advantage, and more of a necessity.

Creating a sound business strategy is as important as ever.

The vast power of the Internet has made it easier than ever to bring a product or service into the public’s eye. With that comes an increasing need to be creative. To think outside the box. To stretch the limits of your business.

Lead Gen

June 8, 2009

Lead Generation Tip # 009- Be the Lead

Lead Generation Sales Funnel

Whenever possible, try to put yourself in your prospective customer’s shoes.

Is your lead form too intrusive? Is it easy to use? Visually appealing?

Awareness – Customer notices & clicks your ad

Interest- Customer likes your presentation or web page

Desire- Customer wants your product

Action- Customer buys your product

Building a customer centric sales funnel will help you generate higher quality leads, and close more of them.

Lead Generation Tips from Tech Marketers

June 1, 2009

The bottom line is…

Lead generation grows businesses.

Anyone else looking for quality leads to give to their sales staff?

Everyone in the Tech Marketers office understands the value of quality lead generation. We’ve decided to share our vast lead generation experience through a segment we’ve called Lead Generation 101.

Enjoy! New lead generation tips posted weekly.