New Look for Twitter

July 29, 2009

Twitter has a new homepage.

It’s true. Twitter is starting what looks like a brand overhaul with a new look to Twitter.comTwitter New Look of Homepage

Twitter users may see a new interface soon.

Once logged in to Twitter, everything looks the same as it has in recent history. How would you change the current Twitter interface if you could? More functionality? A different look?
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    Google Adwords Has a New Interface

    June 5, 2009

    Google is making some fundamental changes to their Google Adwords Interface. Their goal is to make it more efficient, and easier to make key changes to your account.

    Initial reaction to the new interface has been mixed, however I think users will eventually warm up to the new look and feel after using it more.

    What are your thoughts on the new Google Adwords Interface?

    Innovative Product Design

    June 1, 2009

    “Be Remembered by Being Revolutionary”

    Just because a product has been around for centuries, that does not mean you can not still be revolutionary in that market.

    Handbags have been around for years. Many years. In fact according to wikipedia-

    “The oldest known purse was found with Ötzi the Iceman who lived around 3,300 BCE. Another early example is on Egyptian hieroglyphics, which show pouches worn around the waist.”

    The long history of this product didn’t stop Joao Sabino from thinking outside the box, and innovating with this computer keyboard bag.

    Innovative Product Design

    Using Video Online

    May 28, 2009

    Video will enhance your web pages, and help convert visitors.

    It’s no secret that using videos online works.

    There is a whole lot of value in being able to tell your customer exactly what you can do for them. Sure regular text copy on your web page is effective, but couple it with video and you have a winning combination.

    eMarketer recently published an article discussing exactly how people use online video.

    If you want your video(s) to have an impact. Allow your visitors to share them.

    Online Video Use

    SEO Is More Than Search Engine Optimization

    May 26, 2009

    What Is SEO? How does it benefit my business?

    One of the most sought-after forms of online marketing is search engine optimization (SEO). In a nutshell search engine optimization is the ongoing art of adjusting bits of your website, and finding other related websites to link to you.

    Search – To look, examine or work to uncover something.

    Engine – An instrument or machine, commonly used when converting substances.

    Optimization – Adjusting variables to increase effectiveness.

    By doing this you ensure the major search engine algorithm’s will find your pages, and rank them high in their search engine results pages.

    As the cost of pay per click advertising perpetually increases, the longevity of your online business becomes more and more dependent upon your ability to generate traffic without paying every time someone clicks. Imagine the benefit of ranking high on The Google, or Yahoo! for terms related to your business., a popular web metrics and information company recently published a fantastic article about search engine optimization, and how you can REALLY tell how good your search firm is.

    Looking for more info about SEO or Search Engine Optimization? Check out these links below:
    Search Engine Optimization
    Santa Rosa SEO Company
    Santa Rosa Advertising / Marketing

    Online Lead Generation

    May 26, 2009

    Tip # 008 – The Eyes Have It

    Lead Generation Tip - The Eyes Have ItThe next time you take a look at your lead gen landing pages, think about the path your eyes take as you scan over the content.

    Do they first notice a photo on the page? Are they directed immediately to your call to action?

    If you want your web visits to count, it’s best to draw attention to key phrases or headlines on your page.

    Not only can these techniques direct the eye flow of each unique visitor, but can also result in them reading your sales copy and eventually purchasing from you. Thinking about your website as a way to encourage a desired reaction from your user (for example, fill out your Contact Us Form) can help your lead generation efforts tenfold.

    Lead Generation

    May 22, 2009

    Tip #007 – Time Is Not On Your Side

    You have an everage of 7 seconds to pursuade your visitor that they have landed on the correct site to fill their current need or inquiry.

    How can you help your visitor make the right decision?

    Relevant Headlines – Allows your visitor to know what each content block will discuss

    Skim-worthy Text – Bold key words, or adding lists makes your copy more appealing

    Concise Call to Action – How do expect to get the sale, if you don’t ask for it?