Business Card Design

May 20, 2009

How many different business cards do you have?

What makes certain cards stand out? Was it the conversation you had with the individual?

Or is it now the design of the business card?

How can you think outside the box with your business card, yet still represent your business or primary market?

Does my business card have to be square, or can it be round?

What if I put my business card on a flash drive?

There are tons of ways to make your company stand out. Some of which are as simple as the card you hold in your hand.


Importance of a User Centric Web Site

May 19, 2009

Want to make it easier on your customer? Build your website around them. Anticipate their needs, give them a good experience, or something to talk about and your brand will win.

According to a survey recently conducted by MTV Networks, the Internet makes choosing which brand to purchase easier.

Television makes the brand appear reputable in all countries surveyed.

Online Marketing versus Television

Effective Banner Ads

May 19, 2009

Want to get the most out of your next banner ad campaign? Here are 3 quick tips to help you market your brand effectively.

Include a Call To Action – Too many times we see banners that don’t provoke the viewer to click.

Think About Your Audience – Where is the banner going to be placed? What type of message will get through to the average visitor of the site(s)?

Mimic Your Landing Page – When your banner draws them to your landing page they subconsciously want to see a site that resembles that banner. Otherwise they may feel your page is irrelevant.

Innovation is Important

May 18, 2009

It’s always refreshing to see people innovating. Whether it is online, or offline, the value of thinking outside the box is huge. If every company in every market and avenue of business looked at their product or service the same way, think of how boring the world would become.

Tony Hawk is innovating yet again with the new controller for his latest skateboarding video game. Get more information about the new controller from USA Today.

Web Design that Works

May 13, 2009

When it comes to the overall look and feel of a website, what you think is perfect, might actually be cumbersome or unattractive to your average visitor.

Here are three web design tips to help you make the most of your website.

Quick Load Time– I don’t mean sacrifice image quality, but if your site takes too long to load, your visitor might just leave your web page all together.

User Friendly Navigation– Now that all of your pretty pictures have loaded, let’s make sure your web visitor knows where to go to find the information, and exactly how to get there.

Browser Compatibility– Your site might look amazing in Firefox, but how does Internet Explorer interpret your code?

Colors Create Conversions

May 4, 2009

What was the last time you thought about the color palette used throughout your web properties?

Experimenting with the use of different colors on a page, or throughout a conversion process is a great way to encourage the user to read a certain paragraph, or click a particular link. I found an interesting article about color psychology at

Check it out here>>>

Business Cards 101

April 29, 2009

I was working on a set of business cards for a customer yesterday and I started thinking about what makes a GREAT business card…

See what happens if you ask yourself these 3 questions before your next batch of business cards go to the printer.

Do I have at least 3 ways to contact myself or my business?

What makes my business card stand out from others?

What 4 Colors would best represent my company?