Persistence Wins In Business Development

July 8, 2010

Business Development Is the Lifeblood of Most Companies

Everybody wants to grow their business.

What’s the difference between those that see success in their business development initiatives, and those that don’t? Persistence.

It’s not about the great idea, there are tons of them.

It’s not about closing the sale at the first meeting, there are tons of opportunities out there.

It is all about persistence. If you aren’t keeping a steady focus on moving towards your goal of growing your business, you are sure to get caught up in all of the “other things” that come up along the way.


Trial & Error

January 19, 2010

trial + error + lesson = success

Too often we fall short of success because we are either;
a) afraid to fail
b) not sure what to try
c) tired of trying
d) all of the above

Why not take the first steps towards that new initiative, idea or project. Who knows, it could change the world!