Lead Generation #003

May 19, 2009

Increase the number of leads you collect by asking fewer pieces of information from your visitor. Look at your form fields strategically and ask yourself if there are there any fields in the capture process that can be combined with another, or removed completely.

Testing different form lengths and form fields can positively impact both your lead quality, and lead quantity without changing any ad copy or design elements of your web site.


Lead Generation #002

May 18, 2009

Want more sales leads out of your current web page?

Focus on the three H’s of landing page optimization. Headlines, headlines, headlines.

A properly crafted headline will not only let your visitor know where they are and what is possible on your page, but it will pursuade them to read your copy, and eventually fill out your lead form.

Less Is the New More

May 4, 2009

Website DesignWant more conversions from your website? Stop giving your visitor so many options.

Truly interested customers are bouncing off of websites that could end their search then and there, if only the information was laid out differently.

Bullet points, numbered lists, bright colors, icons, arrows, drop shadows and reflections are just a few ways to point your visitor in the right direction, and lead them towards a mutually beneficially conversion.

Product Glamour Shots

April 27, 2009

When it comes to product photos, you want to put your best face forward. In today’s marketplace, a single photo of your product just isn’t enough. Give your users the chance to see the product from multiple angles. Maybe they want to zoom in to read the label?

It’s hard to match the product interaction that a customer will get in a brick and mortar shopping experience, but by leveraging emerging technologies, and using a little creativity, your online store can get very close.

Communicating Your Website’s Purpose

April 22, 2009

Ever wonder why customers are hitting your website, and bouncing off in 5 seconds?

I know I have, and there’s nothing more frustrating than paying $2.50 for a click in Google Adwords, only to have that customer jump back to Google and search all over again.

There are 2 main components of a high bounce rate.
1- Relevancy

2- Headlines/ Value proposition

Your visitor is going to make a split second decision about whether or not your page fills their current need, and if you do not effectively present your service, offer or product, you have lost the battle.

A Proven Strategy to Increase Site Conversion

April 22, 2009

Whether you are running a B2B or B2C marketing campaign chances are you want to increase the conversion rates of your existing landing pages. If you are not currently looking to optimize your pages, well, you should be.

The significance of steady, measurable, incremental improvements in the online marketplace is so huge we won’t even be able to discuss in this post. Anyway, on to the Conversion Case Study.

A recent client set out to increase the conversion rate of their B2C landing pages. Sounds easy enough, right? After looking at a wide variety of variables including the landing page design, the persuasion value of the copy, the call to action, and many others, we realized that in order to increase the conversion rate of their landing page we needed to forget about the page entirely.

What? How can you increase the conversion rate of a specific page without making any changes to the page itself? The answer is Ad Copy.

Our client was promoting their landing page with Google Adwords. Turns out a large group of the keywords in a high volume Ad Group were irrelevant to the landing page itself, causing visitors from those irrelevant keywords to bounce out and inevitably never convert.

By decreasing the amount of traffic from terms that were only loosely related to the page we sent conversions through the roof!