Twitter Fails

October 20, 2009

Even Though Twitter Fails… It Is Still a Revolutionary Business.

If you haven’t already seen the Twitter Fail Whale… well now you have. Even the social media giant Twitter fails occasionally.

Wouldn’t it be great to succeed 100% of the time? Even the best businesses fail. What makes them a truly great entity, is they not only make up for the failures, but they continue to improve and grow.

Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

I wouldn’t necessarily embrace failure with open arms, but there is no greater learning/growing opportunity than a failure. It stings, but it makes you stronger. Think of it as an intense workout. You’re sore the next few days, but even stronger when you recover.

If You’re Not Failing, You’re Not Trying To Improve

With a growth rate like Twitter has experienced lately it is no surprise that their servers may overload from time to time. Twitter is continuing to push the envelope of what it is, and what it can be. By adding and testing new and exciting features they are setting themselves up for potential failure, and also great success.


New Look for Twitter

July 29, 2009

Twitter has a new homepage.

It’s true. Twitter is starting what looks like a brand overhaul with a new look to Twitter.comTwitter New Look of Homepage

Twitter users may see a new interface soon.

Once logged in to Twitter, everything looks the same as it has in recent history. How would you change the current Twitter interface if you could? More functionality? A different look?
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    Using Twitter Effectively

    July 23, 2009

    There is a right and wrong way to market your business on Twitter.

    Twitter LogoOne exciting thing about Internet Marketing is there are always new avenues for your business that spring up among the masses. Initially brushed aside as “just another status message” Twitter is turning marketers worldwide into believers. Twitter is the social network of the now, and the future.

    Here are 5 Tips for Using Twitter Effectively.

    1- Post Quality Tweets- Nobody wants to read junk. Make sure your posts are relevant to your industry, thought provoking, or insightful.

    2- Link Your Tweets to a Blog- Write a blog that expands on your 140 character Tweet, and link to it. If people like what you have to say, they will start listening.

    3- Tweet More Than the Rest- A recent study reports the average Twitter user posts 1 Tweet per day. Stand out from the rest by posting more often.

    4- Don’t Spam- People are hit with enough spam already. If you want your Tweets to have an impact, make them meaningful, not spammy.

    5- Set Benchmarks- Set a realistic minimum for the number of clicks you want per Tweet. If you don’t hit your goal, re-tweet it. You never know who will be on Twitter, and when.

    3 Twitter Marketing TipsStart Using Twitter More Effectively
    Build Your Twitter Audience- Some Proven Methods to Increase Your Twitter Following
    Social Media Marketing + Twitter = ❤ – Twitter Works Even When You Don’t

    Build Your Twitter Audience

    July 19, 2009

    Marketing With Twitter Takes Strategy, and Time.

    There is a lot to be said for having a Twitter following that is engaged in your message. Sure you can search through Twitter and add people at random, but will they actually read your Tweets, or Click Through to your pages?

    A great way to grow your Twitter following organically is to strategically add people in your industry.

    Twitter Marketing

    Make Sure You Are Effectively Promoting Your Twitter Page.

    You’ll want to make it as easy for everyone as you can. Place a link to your Twitter page above the fold, and as close to the top of your page as possible.

    Twitter Counter is a tool that will display a count of your total Twitter followers. If you are fortunate enough to have a decent amount of followers already, it will build your credibility and persuade others to follow you.

    Marketing Twitter Page

    3 Twitter Marketing Tips

    July 18, 2009

    Social Media Marketing is an important part of a modern marketing strategy.

    Twitter Social NetworkTwitter is more than just the social network of the now. It is a proven way to market your business. Here are three tips on getting started with your Twitter marketing campaign(s).

    1. Industry Relevant Twitter Username– If you are in the cellphone industry, an effective Twitter username could be CellPhoneTips, or Phones4Less.

    2. Reliable URL Shortening & Click Tracking– The best way to improve your Twitter marketing campaign is to begin testing. See what kind of Tweets get the most attention by tracking every Click Through.

    3. Join Your Industry makes it easier than ever to see what is happening in your industry. Adding helpful, relevant, or interesting information will establish you as an expert in the space.

    Build Your Twitter Audience – Proven Tips To Grow Your Base of Twitter Followers

    Social Media Marketing + Twitter = <3

    July 17, 2009

    The best thing about Social Media Marketing, is that it works 24 hours a day. Everyday.

    Social Media tools like Twitter, Facebook & MySpace are great ways to both market your products and provide timely customer support.

    A social media campaign launched by our research partner in April 2009 has grown by over 1800% in Q3 and is currently generating thousands of clicks every month.

    Twitter makes this scenario a reality; 10 new followers and over 50 messages to this company in the last hour.
    Social Marketing on Twitter

    Incrementally, more and more people are being exposed to their brand, and more importantly, their marketing message.

    Three Twitter Marketing Tips– Tips from Tech Marketers to get you started marketing on Twitter.

    Build Your Twitter Following– Incrementally Increase The Reach of Your Marketing Message

    Social Media Roadmap V2.0

    July 7, 2009

    Social Media can be great for business when used properly.

    The Business Social Media RoapmapIt’s not always easy to navigate the world of social media. Are you on Twitter? Facebook? MySpace? flickr? LinkedIn? YouTube? WordPress?

    The great news about having so many different avenues to market your brand is that you can cast a wider net, but not all methods work for every business.

    Here is a sample 5 step social media roadmap:

    Step 1: Do more Twittering. Random postings wont help your business though. Join the conversation that is happening in your industry.

    Step 2: Leverage all Facebook has to offer. There are so many different ways to point people to your brand. Fan pages, Groups, Apps… Use them!

    Step 3: Diversify your social networks. Do some testing. Find out what works for your brand.

    Step 4: Blog It! Whether you want to hire a professional writer, or find someone in your business to write industry specific articles, it needs to be done.

    Step 5: Numbers, Numbers, Numbers. Keep an eye on key performance indicators, and develop some benchmarks & goals for your social media properties.

    Want to learn more? Read our other article about Social Media.