Marketing Strategy

March 13, 2012

The world of marketing is changing faster than ever before. With new technologies popping up almost weekly for your business, it is important to understand the trends within your industry to help you weed out the fly by night opportunities from the real potential.

Terms like SEO, SEM, PPC, ASO, and SMO are flying around the Internet like crazy lately. They all refer to a very specific form of digital marketing.

As we charge further into 2012 SEO is the more important of these acronyms (in our opinion)

If you are not currently well versed in search engine optimization, it may be a good idea to hire an SEO company.


Celebrities In Advertising

August 5, 2009

Do Celebrity Appearances Help Sell Products?

LinkedIn recently polled their members to find out if showcasing a celebrity in your ads will help sell products.

The majority of the responses gathered stated a celebrity appearance makes no difference as to whether or not they will buy the product. However, of the people surveyed, the presence of a celebrity had the most impact on the 18-24 age range.

While survey results don’t show this, I would venture to assume that a well known celebrity can help move people further down the sales funnel. By showing a face that consumers know and trust, their brand appears credible.

View the Poll Here

What do you think? Does having a celebrity in an advertising campaign help sell products?

Search Engine Ad Click Through Rates

July 27, 2009

Click Through Rates can vary from medium to medium, ad to ad.

A recent study conducted in June of 2009 suggests your ad Click Through Rate (CTR) is also indicative of the search engine the ad is placed on.

Bing’s average Click Through Rate is well ahead of Google, and Yahoo holds strong in the middle of the pack.

Search Engine Marketing Ad Click Rates

Geotargeting Your Campaigns

July 21, 2009

Dialing your advertising spend down can improve your campaigns immensely.

Geotargeting Ad CampaignsWith the ability to Geotarget ads across the major platforms (Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc.) marketers have the ability to take a microscope to every region of their campaign. Instead of blanketing the entire country or globe with the same cookie cutter banner or ad copy, we can (and should) create ads that speak to the region(s) they are being displayed in.

Not only will Geotargeting lend to a high Click Through Rate on some ads, but inevitably a higher conversion rate as well.

MySpace MyAds Webinar

June 23, 2009

MySpace is hosting another webinar titled “MySpace MyAds: How to Get Started.”

myspace-myadsThere is a limited number of spots available, so be sure to register if you are interested in learning more about MySpace’s advertising platform.

Register here

A little bird told me they will also be giving away advertising vouchers. I attended their last webinar, and received a $50 voucher.

Google Adwords Has a New Interface

June 5, 2009

Google is making some fundamental changes to their Google Adwords Interface. Their goal is to make it more efficient, and easier to make key changes to your account.

Initial reaction to the new interface has been mixed, however I think users will eventually warm up to the new look and feel after using it more.

What are your thoughts on the new Google Adwords Interface?

Marketers Want Measurable Campaigns

June 2, 2009

Marketing your business online is measurable, and cost effective.

Marketing a business in a down economy can be challenging. Not only are we trying to stretch more out of our current advertising spend, but we are also looking for new opportunities with results we can quantify.

A recent article posted @ BRANDWEEK suggests the advertising spend of most companies is shifting away from print campaigns.

Where are the dollars going?

Online advertising.