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January 20, 2010

A solid lead generation strategy is a must have for any business.

Lead Generation strategies are important

If you want to generate more leads from your existing webpage there are millions of potential levers you can pull to increase lead flow. While a lead is a lead, it is always important to generate a quality lead.

Time and time again marketers are seeing huge gains by re-working their webpages to ensure their value proposition is concise. Want better leads? Make your landing pages more concise. Visitors don’t have time to figure out what you are offering.

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Social Media In Business

August 4, 2009

Social Media Is a Necessary Avenue for Your Business

Social Media MarketingThe world of business is changing. Social media is forcing marketers to do a little less talking, and a whole lot more listening. The beauty of this is businesses are able to get real time feedback on their products and services through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & other social media sites.

Here are Five Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Social Media:

1. Your competitors already are
2. To acquire new customers
3. To find out what current customers really want
4. To respond to customer concerns instantly
5. To manage your online reputation & build brand loyalty

Social Media Roadmap V2.0

July 7, 2009

Social Media can be great for business when used properly.

The Business Social Media RoapmapIt’s not always easy to navigate the world of social media. Are you on Twitter? Facebook? MySpace? flickr? LinkedIn? YouTube? WordPress?

The great news about having so many different avenues to market your brand is that you can cast a wider net, but not all methods work for every business.

Here is a sample 5 step social media roadmap:

Step 1: Do more Twittering. Random postings wont help your business though. Join the conversation that is happening in your industry.

Step 2: Leverage all Facebook has to offer. There are so many different ways to point people to your brand. Fan pages, Groups, Apps… Use them!

Step 3: Diversify your social networks. Do some testing. Find out what works for your brand.

Step 4: Blog It! Whether you want to hire a professional writer, or find someone in your business to write industry specific articles, it needs to be done.

Step 5: Numbers, Numbers, Numbers. Keep an eye on key performance indicators, and develop some benchmarks & goals for your social media properties.

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Google Grows Year After Year

June 29, 2009

Lego Google LogoGoogle’s Business Strategy has been criticized by many, but you can’t argue results.

With many US companies closing their doors, and facing record losses, Google (GOOG) continues to out perform itself year over year. By diversifying their revenue streams, forming strategic partnerships, and buying up other companies to expand their empire, they have managed to grow their already impressive balance sheet.

Google’s Revenue Growth (In Millions)

Year Revenue Gross Profit
2008 21,795.60 13,174.00
2007 16,594.00 9,944.90
2006 10,604.90 6,379.90

Google Fusion Tables

June 22, 2009

Fusion Tables

Google has made it easier for you to view, categorize and visualize data. The recent launch of Fusion Tables in Google Labs has analysts excited about the future of data analysis.

Step 1: Collect useful data

Step 2: Input said data in Google Fusion Tables

Step 3: Categorize and map out data

Step 4: Make said data look really cool

Google Fusion

Learn more straight from Google.

Anyone else using this feature?

The Redbox Business Strategy

June 22, 2009

Redbox is a business with a future.

The Redbox BusinessWhen times are tough, and revenue is down, it’s increasingly important to think outside the box.

Ideas that once seemed too far fetched for your business, or too much of a shift for your target market can be re-hashed, and tested on a small scale. You never know what, when, or where your next million dollar idea will come from.

The wildly successful video rental company Redbox started out as an experiment by McDonalds, and quickly grew from a 12 location test to a lean and mean competitor in the video rental space with over 15,000 kiosks.

Redbox sales figures continue to climb.

It’s nearly impossible to miss the Redbox kiosks these days. They are outside, inside or near virtually every supermarket. The great news if you’re a Redbox executive, is the sales revenue is climbing.

2008 saw a 200% revenue increase over 2007, and 2009 is only looking better as kiosks continue to pop up across the nation. In today’s economy consumers see Redbox as an affordable alternative to NetFlix or Blockbuster.

The typical Redbox kiosk is estimated to earn an average of $50,000 annually. Here’s a breakdown of the total number in the United States year over year.

2007: 6,300 Redbox KiosksRedbox Kiosk Numbers Climb

2008: 12,000 Redbox Kiosks

2009: 21,000 Estimated Redbox Kiosks

Buying stock in Redbox isn’t easy…yet.

Redbox initially announced they would be a publicly traded company by the end of 2008, however they delayed their IPO due to the status of the economy. Coinstar owns a 51% share of Redbox, and together with McDonald’s they own 95% of the company.

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Business as Usual

June 17, 2009

General Motors ChairmanAs the automotive giant General Motors prepares to pull their company out of the red, they have made some big decisions regarding leadership.

“I don’t know anything about cars,” Edward E. Whitacre Jr, the former chairman of AT&T, said recently in an interview with Bloomberg News. “A business is a business, and I think I can learn about cars. I’m not that old, and I think the business principles are the same.”

Confidence, or ignorance?

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