Online Lead Generation

May 26, 2009

Tip # 008 – The Eyes Have It

Lead Generation Tip - The Eyes Have ItThe next time you take a look at your lead gen landing pages, think about the path your eyes take as you scan over the content.

Do they first notice a photo on the page? Are they directed immediately to your call to action?

If you want your web visits to count, it’s best to draw attention to key phrases or headlines on your page.

Not only can these techniques direct the eye flow of each unique visitor, but can also result in them reading your sales copy and eventually purchasing from you. Thinking about your website as a way to encourage a desired reaction from your user (for example, fill out your Contact Us Form) can help your lead generation efforts tenfold.


Lead Generation #003

May 19, 2009

Increase the number of leads you collect by asking fewer pieces of information from your visitor. Look at your form fields strategically and ask yourself if there are there any fields in the capture process that can be combined with another, or removed completely.

Testing different form lengths and form fields can positively impact both your lead quality, and lead quantity without changing any ad copy or design elements of your web site.

The Conversion Conversation

May 18, 2009

Every time a customer enters your store, whether it’s brick and mortar or virtual, there is potential for a sale or a conversion of some kind.

A proven method to move towards the close more effectively is to start a conversation. It is obviously more difficult for an online store to converse with a potential customer, but it can be done.  Web 2.0 features like comment boxes, blogs or forums are just some of the ways to stop selling to your customer, and start finding out what they really need.

Having a conversation with your customer online can also mean tailoring your ad copy, or your website content to match the dialect of your visitor. This will make the customer feel comfortable, and as if your business “gets” their needs.

What are some ways you engage your customers?

Selling With Buzzwords

May 15, 2009

Buzzwords work. The next time you are launching a new ad campaign, try brainstorming 5 or 6 words that attract attention and positively describe your product/service. The buzzwords you choose will make a difference in your CTR, and eventually your close rate.

Here are ten solid buzzwords that can get your list started.

Industry Leading, Reliable, Efficient, Trustworthy, Punctual, Knowledgeable, Professional, Effective, Hassle Free, Best.

Affiliate Marketing Rocks!

May 13, 2009

It’s true. Affiliate Marketing is one of today’s most under rated forms of marketing.

Where else can you promote any product/business you believe in, and actually make some money doing it? Not to mention it’s a low risk, cost effective way to advertise your product(s).

If you’re new to Affiliate Marketing, or just want to learn more, check out Affiliate Tip. Our friend Shawn Collins has hoards of great information available that won’t cost you a dime.

What People are Searching For

May 12, 2009

Ever wonder what people are typing into the handy search box on The Google?

Here at Tech Marketers we like to keep an eye on the search pulse by scoping out Google Trends on a regular basis. What was the last time you entered a new market online based on information you found in Google Trends? Granted, the revenue may be slim, and it may taper off after as short as 2 hours, but the potential for huge traffic is definitely there. Just reach out and grab it.

Check Out Google Trends here.

Sell Sell Sell

May 7, 2009

What was the last time you had to sell something? Whether it’s something you love, or something you loathe, the basic principles of sales success can be mastered with a little practice.

When you have a product to sell, you can’t take the first “No” that comes your way. The best salespeople think of a “No” as more of an “I need more information.” Instead of running with our tail between our legs at the first sight of this two lettered foe, we ask the customer what it is that’s holding them back, we re-qualify, and test close, and follow up, and fight for their business.

As salespeople we don’t let the negative stuff get in the way. Dwelling on the last sale we didn’t close, will only keep us from moving on to our next contact, and inevitably the next sale.

If you are continually pushing to make the most of your sales day, you can’t help but close some sales along the way!