Online Lead Generation

May 26, 2009

Tip # 008 – The Eyes Have It

Lead Generation Tip - The Eyes Have ItThe next time you take a look at your lead gen landing pages, think about the path your eyes take as you scan over the content.

Do they first notice a photo on the page? Are they directed immediately to your call to action?

If you want your web visits to count, it’s best to draw attention to key phrases or headlines on your page.

Not only can these techniques direct the eye flow of each unique visitor, but can also result in them reading your sales copy and eventually purchasing from you. Thinking about your website as a way to encourage a desired reaction from your user (for example, fill out your Contact Us Form) can help your lead generation efforts tenfold.


Lead Generation

May 22, 2009

Tip #007 – Time Is Not On Your Side

You have an everage of 7 seconds to pursuade your visitor that they have landed on the correct site to fill their current need or inquiry.

How can you help your visitor make the right decision?

Relevant Headlines – Allows your visitor to know what each content block will discuss

Skim-worthy Text – Bold key words, or adding lists makes your copy more appealing

Concise Call to Action – How do expect to get the sale, if you don’t ask for it?

Lead Generation #005

May 20, 2009

Think about your sales process before you generate the lead.

Is it a complex sale that involves multiple steps until a close? Think B2B sales, intangible products, or saturated markets. Or is your sales process quick, effortless, and high volume? Think free offers, e-books or newsletter sign-ups.

The more you know about your sales funnels, the more effective your lead generation will be.

Lead Generation #004

May 19, 2009

Networking is your friend.

You can generate tons of quality leads by reaching out to people. Attending conferences or tradeshows will enable you to meet people in your industry, share ideas, and generate leads.

Don’t limit yourself just to networking events. Talking to your current, or past clients and asking for referrals is another great way to earn leads through your existing network.

Lead Generation #002

May 18, 2009

Want more sales leads out of your current web page?

Focus on the three H’s of landing page optimization. Headlines, headlines, headlines.

A properly crafted headline will not only let your visitor know where they are and what is possible on your page, but it will pursuade them to read your copy, and eventually fill out your lead form.