Microsoft Moving Office Suite Online

August 6, 2009

Microsoft is bringing their Office Suite to a web browser near you in 2010.

Microsoft Office 2010In an effort to remain the productivity suite of choice amidst increasing operating system competition, Microsoft is moving their famed suite of applications online.  A recent purchase of the domain is spurring talk of Microsoft’s plan to use the domain for their products in place of their current

Cisco is also planning to release a competing suite of products in the near future. While some are excited about the possibilities with these new products, security remains a concern.

What are your thoughts on the push to move these apps online?


Social Media In Business

August 4, 2009

Social Media Is a Necessary Avenue for Your Business

Social Media MarketingThe world of business is changing. Social media is forcing marketers to do a little less talking, and a whole lot more listening. The beauty of this is businesses are able to get real time feedback on their products and services through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & other social media sites.

Here are Five Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Social Media:

1. Your competitors already are
2. To acquire new customers
3. To find out what current customers really want
4. To respond to customer concerns instantly
5. To manage your online reputation & build brand loyalty

Using Twitter Effectively

July 23, 2009

There is a right and wrong way to market your business on Twitter.

Twitter LogoOne exciting thing about Internet Marketing is there are always new avenues for your business that spring up among the masses. Initially brushed aside as “just another status message” Twitter is turning marketers worldwide into believers. Twitter is the social network of the now, and the future.

Here are 5 Tips for Using Twitter Effectively.

1- Post Quality Tweets- Nobody wants to read junk. Make sure your posts are relevant to your industry, thought provoking, or insightful.

2- Link Your Tweets to a Blog- Write a blog that expands on your 140 character Tweet, and link to it. If people like what you have to say, they will start listening.

3- Tweet More Than the Rest- A recent study reports the average Twitter user posts 1 Tweet per day. Stand out from the rest by posting more often.

4- Don’t Spam- People are hit with enough spam already. If you want your Tweets to have an impact, make them meaningful, not spammy.

5- Set Benchmarks- Set a realistic minimum for the number of clicks you want per Tweet. If you don’t hit your goal, re-tweet it. You never know who will be on Twitter, and when.

3 Twitter Marketing TipsStart Using Twitter More Effectively
Build Your Twitter Audience- Some Proven Methods to Increase Your Twitter Following
Social Media Marketing + Twitter = ❤ – Twitter Works Even When You Don’t

Social Media Roadmap V2.0

July 7, 2009

Social Media can be great for business when used properly.

The Business Social Media RoapmapIt’s not always easy to navigate the world of social media. Are you on Twitter? Facebook? MySpace? flickr? LinkedIn? YouTube? WordPress?

The great news about having so many different avenues to market your brand is that you can cast a wider net, but not all methods work for every business.

Here is a sample 5 step social media roadmap:

Step 1: Do more Twittering. Random postings wont help your business though. Join the conversation that is happening in your industry.

Step 2: Leverage all Facebook has to offer. There are so many different ways to point people to your brand. Fan pages, Groups, Apps… Use them!

Step 3: Diversify your social networks. Do some testing. Find out what works for your brand.

Step 4: Blog It! Whether you want to hire a professional writer, or find someone in your business to write industry specific articles, it needs to be done.

Step 5: Numbers, Numbers, Numbers. Keep an eye on key performance indicators, and develop some benchmarks & goals for your social media properties.

Want to learn more? Read our other article about Social Media.

Searching for a Doctor Online

June 29, 2009

Recent studies are showing an increasing number of US citizens are turning to their nearest search engine to find a doctor or health care professional in their area. Maybe it’s the accessibility of Google, or the trusted third party recommendation from the search results that is lending to the increase.

Doctor Search

Also interesting, is that different regions across the country are relying heavier on online resources than others. Google Insights for Search suggests that different regions in the US have a higher volume of people searching for “doctor” online.

Doctor Search Queries by Region

Time Spent Searching- Google, Yahoo & Bing

June 27, 2009

When it comes to search engines, Google may have the most traffic, but Yahoo wins out in Time on Site (in minutes).

Bing is slowly but surely getting some traction.

Google’s Avg. Time on Site: 8 1/4  Minutes

Yahoo’s Avg. Time on Site: 9 1/2 Minutes

Bing’s Avg. Time on Site: 2 Minutes

Time on Search Engines

If people spend this much time on each visit to the search engine, just how long does the average person spend per day?

Over an hour. What better way to market your product or service to your customer?

Search Engine Pageviews

The great news for internet marketers is Google’s traffic is increasing. More Traffic = More opportunities for your business.

Here’s’s 3 Month Traffic Average:

3 month avg 8.37 pageviews daily
3 month change 0.5%

Just How Big is Google?

June 27, 2009

Google’s Traffic Rank in 25 Countries.

Google Use WorldwideThere’s no denying that is at the top of the web when it comes to search. In the United States, Google is usually ranked the number one visited site.

In some of the countries where is not #1 a geo-targeted version of Google just might be.