Online Lead Generation

May 26, 2009

Tip # 008 – The Eyes Have It

Lead Generation Tip - The Eyes Have ItThe next time you take a look at your lead gen landing pages, think about the path your eyes take as you scan over the content.

Do they first notice a photo on the page? Are they directed immediately to your call to action?

If you want your web visits to count, it’s best to draw attention to key phrases or headlines on your page.

Not only can these techniques direct the eye flow of each unique visitor, but can also result in them reading your sales copy and eventually purchasing from you. Thinking about your website as a way to encourage a desired reaction from your user (for example, fill out your Contact Us Form) can help your lead generation efforts tenfold.


Lead Generation #005

May 20, 2009

Think about your sales process before you generate the lead.

Is it a complex sale that involves multiple steps until a close? Think B2B sales, intangible products, or saturated markets. Or is your sales process quick, effortless, and high volume? Think free offers, e-books or newsletter sign-ups.

The more you know about your sales funnels, the more effective your lead generation will be.

What CEO’s Care About in 2009

May 15, 2009

2009 is a good time to be in the lead generation or cost per acquisition (CPA) advertising space. A recent study by Heidrick & Struggles suggests C-level executives are thinking about how and where they can find new customers, and retain them.

The No. 1 focus for C-level executives in 2009 is the customer—acquiring new ones, increasing retention and improving their lifetime value, in that order. ..”

Read the whole article at eMarketer.

Built To Scale

May 12, 2009

Is your company structure keeping you from growing as big as you would like?

There is nothing worse than building a successful business only to find you can’t afford the means necessary to scale up. Thinking lean and mean from day one can help you build a business that will grow gracefully, without cutting into your margins.

Anything from finding ways to automate business processes to streamlining your sales efforts make a difference in your bottom line, and your ability to grow from a $100K company, to a million.

Sell Sell Sell

May 7, 2009

What was the last time you had to sell something? Whether it’s something you love, or something you loathe, the basic principles of sales success can be mastered with a little practice.

When you have a product to sell, you can’t take the first “No” that comes your way. The best salespeople think of a “No” as more of an “I need more information.” Instead of running with our tail between our legs at the first sight of this two lettered foe, we ask the customer what it is that’s holding them back, we re-qualify, and test close, and follow up, and fight for their business.

As salespeople we don’t let the negative stuff get in the way. Dwelling on the last sale we didn’t close, will only keep us from moving on to our next contact, and inevitably the next sale.

If you are continually pushing to make the most of your sales day, you can’t help but close some sales along the way!

Tech Marketers Podcast Update

May 7, 2009

As we announced last Wednesday, we are in the process of recording a Tech Marketers Podcast series full of Marketing, Sales, Web Design,  Business Tips, Tricks & Hacks, plus much much more.

Here’s a quick progress report.

Writing & Recording a Theme Song- DONE

Writing content & conversation starters- IN PROGRESS

Loving every minute of it- DONE


What do YOU want us to talk about in our first Tech Marketers Podcast Series? PPC optimization? Social Media how to’s? Web Design best practices? SEO?

Business Cards 101

April 29, 2009

I was working on a set of business cards for a customer yesterday and I started thinking about what makes a GREAT business card…

See what happens if you ask yourself these 3 questions before your next batch of business cards go to the printer.

Do I have at least 3 ways to contact myself or my business?

What makes my business card stand out from others?

What 4 Colors would best represent my company?