The Rise of Social Media Marketing

June 9, 2009

Social Media Marketing Has Grown Rapidly, and for Good Reason.

Marketing a Business through Social Media is becoming more and more common. The keyword phrase “Social Media Marketing” has climbed significantly in volume across all search engines. People are noticing the results, and everyone wants a piece of this new social pie.

Take a look at the search volume for “Social Media Marketing” on Google.

Social Media Marketing

Total “Social Media Marketing” Queries

January of 2007 through May of 2009.


Social Media

May 26, 2009

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last year you have probably heard about the rising popularity of social media. Popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg and MySpace have been changing the way businesses interact with potential buyers, and their current customers.

Comcast took an innovative approach by using Twitter for customer service. If anyone tweets a concern, or problem with Comcast, their Twitter support reps respond and resolve the issue. Talk about instant gratification!

Not to mention The New York Times just appointed a Social Media Director. Welcome to the future of advertising everyone.

Online Lead Generation

May 26, 2009

Tip # 008 – The Eyes Have It

Lead Generation Tip - The Eyes Have ItThe next time you take a look at your lead gen landing pages, think about the path your eyes take as you scan over the content.

Do they first notice a photo on the page? Are they directed immediately to your call to action?

If you want your web visits to count, it’s best to draw attention to key phrases or headlines on your page.

Not only can these techniques direct the eye flow of each unique visitor, but can also result in them reading your sales copy and eventually purchasing from you. Thinking about your website as a way to encourage a desired reaction from your user (for example, fill out your Contact Us Form) can help your lead generation efforts tenfold.

URL Shortening…For Charity?

May 19, 2009

I came across an intriguing business yesterday. The idea combines URL shortening, affiliate marketing, and charity all into one neat little package.

Here’s an excerpt from explaining it in detail.

“Whenever you want to create a link to a product or service online (say, to an item on Amazon) you can create the URL on and 55% of any referral fees go to a charity you select on the site’s homepage. The remaining 45% goes back into running the service, the company explains. It would of course be ideal if 100% of the income could go to charity, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

The service is a natural spin-off of SkimLinks, which creates a plugin for publishers to turn their links into affiliate links automatically.”

Read the whole article at Mashable.

Selling With Buzzwords

May 15, 2009

Buzzwords work. The next time you are launching a new ad campaign, try brainstorming 5 or 6 words that attract attention and positively describe your product/service. The buzzwords you choose will make a difference in your CTR, and eventually your close rate.

Here are ten solid buzzwords that can get your list started.

Industry Leading, Reliable, Efficient, Trustworthy, Punctual, Knowledgeable, Professional, Effective, Hassle Free, Best.

Tech Marketers Podcast Update

May 7, 2009

As we announced last Wednesday, we are in the process of recording a Tech Marketers Podcast series full of Marketing, Sales, Web Design,  Business Tips, Tricks & Hacks, plus much much more.

Here’s a quick progress report.

Writing & Recording a Theme Song- DONE

Writing content & conversation starters- IN PROGRESS

Loving every minute of it- DONE


What do YOU want us to talk about in our first Tech Marketers Podcast Series? PPC optimization? Social Media how to’s? Web Design best practices? SEO?

Colors Create Conversions

May 4, 2009

What was the last time you thought about the color palette used throughout your web properties?

Experimenting with the use of different colors on a page, or throughout a conversion process is a great way to encourage the user to read a certain paragraph, or click a particular link. I found an interesting article about color psychology at

Check it out here>>>