Apple’s New Business Strategy

June 8, 2009

Apple’s Business Strategy Is Working.

Apple LogoThe value of Apple, Inc. (AAPL)¬† has been steadily climbing since January 2009, and in a volatile market like today’s that says a lot. As we charge into 2012, a new CEO, and a new line of products rolling out at breakneck speed, there is no sign of Apple slowing down anytime soon.

Historical Apple Stock Values

31-Dec-09 211.72
27-Nov-09 203.00
30-Oct-09 203.67
25-Sep-09 184.29
28-Aug-09 170.12
31-Jul-09 160.17
26-Jun-09 142.44
29-May-09 135.81
24-Apr-09 121.73
27-Mar-09 102.71
27-Feb-09 91.65
30-Jan-09 88.86

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Apple’s business strategy is brilliantly obvious.

Apple has decided to cut the price of their entry level iPhone model. In half in fact to an amazingly affordable $99. Various analysts anticipate a major boost in sales.

Just in time for a price cut of an older model, comes a new addition to the Apple family, with a higher margin. Apple’s next-generation iPhone 3GS.newiphone3gs

You can learn about the 3 megapixel camera, and the 30 frames per second video, and all of the other nitty gritty technical details over at .

Will Apple’s Business Strategy Revolve Around iPod?

Apple has done a great job re-inventing themselves over the past 9 years. When computer sales were slacking, Apple devoted development resources to their next big thing. iPod. If they want to remain the power hitter in the technology industry, they need to do more than release new versions of the same technology.

The great thing about a company like Apple, is they no longer need to rely on time consuming marketing strategies like SEO, or SEM, and they can simply focus on creating great products, at a fair price.

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The Online Video Battle

June 2, 2009

Everyone knows YouTube has the online video market in a headlock.

However I’m far more intrigued by the battle for online market share between Viddler and Revver.

Online Video- Viddler - Revver

Using Video Online

May 28, 2009

Video will enhance your web pages, and help convert visitors.

It’s no secret that using videos online works.

There is a whole lot of value in being able to tell your customer exactly what you can do for them. Sure regular text copy on your web page is effective, but couple it with video and you have a winning combination.

eMarketer recently published an article discussing exactly how people use online video.

If you want your video(s) to have an impact. Allow your visitors to share them.

Online Video Use

Lead Generation #001

May 18, 2009

Have you tried adding video to your landing page? When used effectively, it can increase conversion rates in a big way. Simply adding a video to your page however, won’t fix your poor conversion rate. It needs be relevant above all, and provide value to the visitor.

Marketing Experiments has a great article about using video to increase conversion rates.